Creative Conservation

Jeff McMillan

Jeff McMillan is the latest local who has joined MissionH2OLB to express the importance of saving water through his art. You might have seen Jeff’s name around town – he was one of the local artists representing Long Beach at POW! WOW! where he created a mural on the Convention Center’s wall. Jeff is an incredibly diverse artist whose work has been exhibited all over the world, most recently a sport he created called Prigus Sport. Having grown up in the Bay Area, (and taking “Army showers” in the drought of the early 90s) Jeff is serious about his MissionH2OLB pledge to save water. He lives and works in Long Beach with his wife, daughter, a disobedient Siamese cat and their new drought-tolerant landscape. Watch the video to hear about why Jeff has joined the mission and how easy it is to save water.

Stay updated with Jeff's latest work:

Jeff McMillan Prigus Sport